Expose Yourself Vol. I

by Space Is The Place Records

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Expose Yourself not only offers up ten different explorations of techno, but it also expands the Space is the Place

imprint’s reach from Baltimore and Brooklyn to other corners of our fair planet. None of the label’s producers

hail from Mars.....yet. But until their A&R department sneaks into NASA’s Orion program, this latest release

from Space is the Place offers a myriad of Earthling producers, each presenting their regional interpretation of

techno. These stylings hail from from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, with Pittsburgh being represented by

Torvvo, Chase Smith, and Karl Ojanpa and Philadelphia with Siyoung. Crossing the Atlantic, Paris, France is

represented by Kayloo; Geneva, Switzerland by She Spells Doom, and; Berlin, Germany with House of Black

Lanterns and Ghettozoid. And, of course, Space is the Place Records’ bi-city headquarters of Baltimore are

represented by Thunderbird Juicebox and Normaling, and Brooklyn by Astrolith and NYC house guru, Alex

Burkat’s bass alias, Rx.

Beginning with the suave, Parisian stylings of Kayloo’s “La Voie,” which translates as “the track,” Expose

Yourself eases the listener into the proper headspace for this techno conversation. In true label form, Expose

Yourself then hits you with some uniquely techno-infused Baltimore Club with Thunderbird Juicebox’s “Beep

Beep.” Because techno isn’t just simple 4/4 with some robot voices, people!

Other highlights of Expose Yourself include She Spells Doom’s pummeling, perc-laden, “Crash Dummy

Groove”, Torvvo’s bleak but bouncy, “Signia”, Siyoung’s foracious and aptly named, “Shark Week”, and the

ominous drone of House of Black Lanterns’ “We Get Lower.”

Having now traversed the Atlantic Ocean to tap into the sounds of their Euro brethren, Space is the Place

Records’ exploration of techno is now poised to go beyond this world and into the next. Prepare yourselves, lifeforms - the countdown has begun.


released December 1, 2014


tags: New York


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Space Is The Place Records Brooklyn, New York

Boutique electronic music from New York.

Run by Astrolith, .rar Kelly, Kate Boss

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