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Every decade or so comes a watershed record from an artist that completely reinvents a familiar musical troupe. For club music, that record is "Yung Spvce Cadet" and that artist is Baltimore's HI$TO. As impactful as Miles Davis' "Bitches Brew" was to jazz or Parliment's "Clones of Doctor Funkenstein" was to funk, Hi$to draws from all regional club music - Baltimore Club, Jersey Club, Paris Club, Philly Club, to name a few - and fuses elements of each to create an otherworldly sound. 

With Yung Spvce Cadet, HI$TO seems to have dissected club music to its most basic elements, summoned signals from SETI, & weaved them all together over six tracks. HI$TO is like Baltimore's Lee Perry - as inventive as he is prolific, alien as he is familiar, as accessible as he is avant-guard. We at Space is the Place theorize that the same UFO dropped both producers off at different points in time on their same trip to Earth. 

For Yung Spvce Cadet, HI$TO enlists a lone, worthy Earthlings to venture with him on his sonic voyage through the event horizon. Among them are Baltimore Club Queen, TT the Artist, who's "Fuck Shit Up" is hauntingly restrained when compared to the pair's last collaboration - the riotous "Poom Poom" off of TT's Art Royalty EP. But Yung Spvce Cadet is very much the many sides of planet HI$TO 

This is what Michael Jackson is bumping up in Richard Branson's space condo.


released July 13, 2015


tags: New York


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Space Is The Place Records Brooklyn, New York

Boutique electronic music from New York.

Run by Astrolith, .rar Kelly, Kate Boss

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